PRIDE Support Services, inc.

Pride's Mission

The mission of Pride is to enhance the quality of life for individuals who have been diagnosed with a cognitive or physical disability or who have survived a traumatic brain injury. This will be done through support and guidance, which will afford them the opportunity, with the assistance of their family, friends, and support team, to discover personal choice and control in the development of their present and future.

Traumatic Brain Injury Medicaid Waiver

Traumatic Brain Injury Program provides rehabilitation and life skills services to help Vermonters with a moderate to severe traumatic brain injury, live successfully in community-based settings. This is a rehabilitation-based, choice-driven program intended to support people to achieve their optimum independence and help them return to work.

Adult Family Care Medicaid Waiver

Adult Family Care is a 24-hour Home and Community Based Service shared living option for Vermont’s Long-Term Care Medicaid Choices for Care (CFC) Program. This option is available through CFC to participants in the Highest and High needs groups. Adult Family Care provides participants with person-centered supports in a home environment that is safe, family-oriented, and designed to support autonomy and maximize independence and dignity. Adult Family Care is provided in the residence of the Home Provider who provides care and support to no more than two people unrelated to the Home Provider.


Contact Angela Moody to get more information on the services Pride offers.