Pride Support Services, inc.

PO Box 969

Barre VT 05641

Phone: (802) 479-5801

Fax: (802)479-9648

Co-Owner : Kim Daniels

Co-Owner : Michele Corrow

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Pride Support Services, Inc. is a company committed to assisting individuals who have survived a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or have other brain related disabilities. Our goal is to help people return to or remain living in their desired community of choice while receiving the supports they need to become as independent and successful as possible in achieving their dreams.


The Mission of Pride Support Services, inc. is to enhance the quality of life for people who have survived a traumatic brain injury or who have other brain related diagnosis'. This will be done through support and guidance, with the assistance of their support team that includes trained support staff and specialists, to discover their personal choice and gain control in the development of their future.

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